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Shopping along a charming street in Cooperstown, New York
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Tipping and Currency in New York State

Helpful details on shopping and spending money

In New York State and throughout the USA, the U.S. dollar is the standard currency. Visit an online currency converter for help with rates.

Workers in the service industry at establishments like hotels and restaurants and for services like transportation usually have the expectation of gratuity factored into their wages, meaning tips are greatly appreciated.

Waitstaff in a seated restaurant should receive at least 15% to 20% unless the restaurant has a no-tipping policy, which is typically indicated on the menu or bill. Bartenders typically expect at least $1 per beverage. Drivers of taxis and for ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft typically receive 15% to 20% of the total fare. It is also customary to tip housekeeping at your accommodations $2 to $5 per day of your visit on average.

Sales Tax

When shopping in New York State, keep in mind that prices marked typically don’t include sales tax. The sales tax on most goods and services in New York State is between 7% and 8.875%.

There is no sales tax on clothing and footwear under $110 USD. Also, there is no sales tax on many food items purchased at grocery stores.

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