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Enjoying the view from Paulina Peak in the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon
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Oregon Insider Tips

Dylan VanWeelden

Discover tips to plan your ideal stay while helping preserve Oregon’s unique beauty.

Whether you’re cruising coastal highways, hiking evergreen forests or visiting charming small towns, you’re sure to find joy in Oregon’s panoramic landscapes and warm communities. As you get to know this jewel of the Pacific Northwest, consider the following insider suggestions that will help you explore the state like a local.


Visit at Off-Peak Times
Many popular parks and attractions are busier and may require permits in the summer months of June, July and August. Oregon is just as beautiful the rest of the year, when colorful fall foliage decorates the woodlands and cool breezes greet you on winter hikes. Plan your visit during less popular times of the year to enjoy smaller crowds and easier access to many areas.

Enjoy the Ride
Guided tours, shuttle services and public transportation options are easy to find in Oregon, so you can let those who know the state best show you the sights. Expert outfitters and guides usually take care of organizing transportation, permits and safety gear for you and may even have exclusive access to areas you might not be able to visit on your own. That means you’re free to have fun and make meaningful memories without the stress.

Support Indigenous and Small Communities
What better way to get to know Oregon than by patronizing shops, restaurants and hotels owned by the communities that call the state home? When you shop and stay local, you’re invigorating the local economy and supporting the family businesses that make Oregon’s neighborhoods so unique. Embrace Oregon’s Native American communities by participating in public tribal events, treating artifacts and sacred sites with respect, and purchasing goods from Indigenous artisans.

Help Preserve the Landscape
When you’re venturing out into parks and natural areas, take care to stay on marked pathways, properly dispose of all waste and admire wildlife from a distance. Plan to visit green attractions and utilize green travel options, like electric boat tours and bike share programs, to help keep Oregon beautiful for future generations.