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USA Through Music: Wyoming with Chancey Williams
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Living the cowboy lifestyle in Wyoming with Chancey Williams.

Sat on the porch of his family’s ranch in Wyoming looking out across the great vast plains in cowboy land, native son Chancey Williams is the perfect embodiment of the modern day Wyoming Cowboy.

Raised on a small family ranch in Moorcroft, Wyoming, Williams was taught the value of a long day’s work, from an early age. Family, friends, hard-work and earning a living - all values that embody the modern day cowboy lifestyle. Forming the Younger Brothers band with lifelong friend and rodeo rider Travis DeWitt, they have gone on to take their brand of cowboy country music on the road, but Williams’ roots will always be in Wyoming.

Through three albums; HonkyTonk Road, Highway Junky and Echo, Williams has established himself as one of the modern day great country singers. His songs of love, adventure, freedom and passion - all come from his life in Wyoming.

Williams was raised on a ranch with his brothers; Chase and Charlie. They started riding horses at five years old and were quickly taught how to herd sheep and live the true cowboy lifestyle. Williams’ grandfather was known as the famous Wild Horse Charlie, and Indians would travel for miles to get Charlie to train their wild horses. This knowledge and cowboy heritage has been passed through the family and written into the lyrics of The Younger Brothers band.

From strumming amongst humble friends to playing to wild fans, Williams and his band have sold over 40,000 records worldwide. It’s in his blood and he can’t imagine doing anything else. Just like his music, Williams couldn’t be anywhere else.

Williams’ Wyoming advice? Come out and experience it for yourself.

Vast open spaces and majestic mountains dot Wyoming's rugged landscape.

Vast open spaces and majestic mountains dot Wyoming's rugged landscape.
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