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Tiny Town and Railroad
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Travel through the wholesome amusements of yesteryear at this charming miniature village.

Tiny Town began as Turnerville in 1921, a miniature village built by George Turner to entertain his daughter. But within five years, it had grown large enough to open to the public, and continues to delight visitors to this day. In its heyday, the miniature marvel was home to everything from a grocery store to a couple of little lakes, and much more. Each feature was decked out with tiny little inhabitants living out their inanimate little lives.

Tiny Town Almost Became a Tiny Ghost Town

In the ensuing years, the model town was damaged by numerous fires and floods. By 1977, Tiny Town (it was renamed in 1939), was in a state of total disrepair, but a model train buff named Lyle Fulkerson bought the attraction anyway. Unfortunately, just as he began his restoration, he was tragically killed by a runaway train car on his way to visit Tiny Town. Finally, in 1989, the Northern Colorado Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management adopted Tiny Town as a civic project. Volunteers brought the sweet little tourist attraction back from the brink of becoming a dilapidated miniature ghost town.

Today, the little city continues to thrive. There are more than 100 buildings in the collection, and each one still has a fascinating little scene on display. Even after nearly a century, Tiny Town still offers a glimpse into the charming, wholesome fun of yesteryear.

Know Before You Go

Tiny Town is located just off Highway 285, about 30 minutes from Denver. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day in summer and weekends in May and September. There are two free parking lots at the site.

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