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Bob White in a boat painting on the St. Croix River in Minnesota
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Bob White paints in the same manner that he lives his life – without much of a plan.

His work and his journey are based on intuition. He senses what’s important from one moment to the next.

Lover of the Outdoors

When he was a boy, while other kids his age would be doing homework, White would soak up the pages of outdoor books and sporting magazines. Since then, he has been wandering between Alaska and the Patagonia region of South America for more than two decades as a fly-fishing guide.

Fly-fishing guide and artist Bob White

Fly-fishing guide and artist Bob White
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Painting Minnesota

He now spends most of his time painting and writing, endlessly inspired by the rolling landscape of Minnesota, the St. Croix River and the city Marine on St. Croix. His “misspent youth,” as he describes it, is reflected in his work. Working in watercolor, oil, pencil and ink, White uses his skills as a sportsman to capture a fleeting moment as an artist.

The rocky shoreline of the St. Croix River

The rocky shoreline of the St. Croix River
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Work in the Wilderness

Having always felt the need to be outdoors, painting is White’s way of bringing the experience of being outside with him. White has successfully found a way to live and work in the wilderness, much like his childhood heroes Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

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