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The essence of Denton, Texas is “original”. What fuels such a culture? The pursuit of passion. It’s driven by the creative energy of two major universities, a vibrant arts scene, burgeoning music industry and innovative business climate. Denton values originality as a place and as a people. Makers come to shape and build. Creators come to imagine and design. Entrepreneurs come to invent, to dream and to do.

“Independent” springs from the same attributes as original. Denton is not about joining and conforming. It’s about vision and blazing new trails. It’s about each person doing what they do how they do it, and working how they work best.

Denton believes moving forward comprises respecting the past and appreciating the present. For example, the 160-year-old, real-deal downtown is pulsing with life, business and entertainment. Progress and sustainability are interdependent – keeping, repurposing, melding old and new like art.

The Denton brand looks a bit weathered. That’s on purpose. It’s like a favourite pair of jeans. They’re worn-looking because they’re worn often. They fit perfectly, comfortably and wouldn’t fit anyone else in just the same way as they do the legs that own them. That’s how Denton fits, too.

Denton’s original independent spirit welcomes the world-weary to chillax. It is a comfortable, genuine place to simply kick back and “be”, to imagine, pursue passion and create. There are year-round, diverse opportunities for visitors to find their thing: great festivals, museums, art galleries, live theatre, local eateries, unique shops and music. Lots of music.

Denton’s music scene is a great example of original and independent. It’s been evolving and internationally recognized for decades, but it’s difficult to define. There is not a specific “Denton sound” that anyone can identify in a word. Rather, the sound is a combination of individual sounds where writers, musicians, poets and venues have their own messages, rhythms, tunes and atmospheres, and listeners get the entire breadth, as varied or not as they choose.

Another stellar example of original and independent is the beautiful horse country that surrounds Denton. This region boasts the highest concentration of equine diversity and disciplines of anywhere else in the world. Virtually every breed and discipline are represented among 30,000 horses and more than 400 horse ranches spread among rolling hills and lush countryside. Motorcoach tours and self-guided driving tours invite visitors to see, experience and learn from top-of-the-equine-world breeders and trainers drawn to the independent spirits who practice their unique professions their own way. Meeting famous horses up close and in person is one of the favourite takeaways from Denton Horse Country Tours.

Denton is all about doing your thing your way. Dentonites call it “Dentoning”. It’s done independently beside, among and in tandem with one another generating a vibrant and lively culture. Come create in Denton. Original. Independent.

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