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Boutique shopping in West Hollywood, California
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Enjoy stunning city views while relaxing at the rooftop pool at the London West Hollywood
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Dining at Cafe Med on the famous Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California
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Luxury menswear at the John Varvatos store in West Hollywood
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Ivy clings to the storefront of the John Varvatos boutique in West Hollywood, California
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Guests enjoy the luxurious poolside environment of the London West Hollywood in California
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The sun is shining, the colorful restaurants and chic shops are inviting, and there’s no shortage of options for how to spend my day in West Hollywood, California.

West Hollywood is one of those places where everything is more friendly, fashionable and bright. There’s a hustle and bustle on the streets. Yet, because of the relaxed nature of the people here, this doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, but makes you excited for the possibilities that lay ahead.

Shopping in West Hollywood

West Hollywood offers a wide range of shops to suit any person on any kind of budget, from trendy vintage shops to high-end boutiques. There’s nothing you could want that you can’t find here, and it’s all located within a walk-able distance. Within minutes, you can shop the vintage and second-hand stores on Melrose Avenue and peruse designer clothing along Robertson Boulevard.

I find myself smiling at the colour and cleanliness of the buildings and roads, something the stylish residents obviously take pride in and which very few cities manage with the same amount of attention to detail and flair.

Shopping at an upscale boutique in West Hollywood, California

Shopping at an upscale boutique in West Hollywood, California
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Rooftop Dining at The London West Hollywood

There are many beautiful and elegant hotels in West Hollywood, and the London West Hollywood is the cream of the crop. Exquisite detail is evident throughout from the foyer and guest rooms to the take-your-breath-away rooftop bar, dining area and swimming pool. Here, you will find yourself on top of the world.

The rooftop’s restaurant offers delicious dining from Chef Gordon Ramsay, so you know you’re in for a treat. Think perfectly crisp salads, scrumptious burgers and delectable sushi. As you enjoy your meal, sip a cocktail and look out over the stunning views of the city. You will truly never want to leave.

Sunset from the rooftop lounge at the London West Hollywood

Sunset from the rooftop lounge at the London West Hollywood
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Dancing at the Legendary Roxy Theatre

The Roxy Theatre has hosted music icons (think John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen) and continues to be a venue for bands on the verge of stardom. The moment you walk in, you feel the excitement and energy of the patrons and performers alike, all knowing this could be the night a star is born or a celebrity comes through the door to dance alongside you.

On the Rox, the bar located above the main club, also hosts some of the hottest parties around. Overlooking the iconic Sunset Strip, it offers its own stage area for a more intimate feel. As you recline in the plush velvet seats, you’ll feel the venue’s history, well aware of the amazing artists who have enjoyed a drink in that very spot before you.

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Rocking Out at Whisky a Go Go

Whisky a Go Go is another hot spot you must visit in West Hollywood. With nearly 50 years of concerts and gigs behind it, the venue has been a part of career-making performances for some of the world’s most famous artists, from Blondie to Oasis. Standing before the historic stage rocking out to an incredible performance, you’ll feel the rock ‘n’ roll vibe immediately.

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