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The iconic Las Vegas welcome sign
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 Las Vegas skyline as the day ends
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Exploring the Las Vegas Strip
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Las Vegas Strip bustling at night
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When people think of Las Vegas, they will more than likely conjure up an image that includes exotic shows, neon lights and nights on the town.

While those are pretty accurate, and fun, elements of Las Vegas, there’s also a breathtaking beauty about this city, incredible dining and world-class entertainment. Even if you aren’t into staying up to the wee hours of the morning, Las Vegas is well worth an extended visit.

Exploring the Famous Strip

On my first day in town, I put on some comfy shoes and went out to explore the famed Las Vegas Strip, home to the most incredible hotels and resorts such as The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Venetian and Aria. You really will never understand the size and extravagance of these hotels until you see them for yourself. To say that I was blown away is an understatement. As you walk around inside the expansive properties, it is almost impossible to comprehend that you are still in the same hotel – not to mention all the amazing shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs there are to enjoy. After wandering in and out of at least 10 of the massive resorts, I lunched at a lovely French restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi to fuel up for several more hours of exploring.

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Fremont Street, a Las Vegas Must

On my second night in Las Vegas, I ventured to Fremont Street, which is in downtown Las Vegas. Known as the second most famous street in Las Vegas, Fremont has nightlife, fantastic restaurants and entertainment, but with a slightly more laid-back attitude. There’s the Fremont Street Experience, a massive video canopy showing a constant light show, not to mention a zip line, a stage for live music, and bars and entertainment around every corner. After exploring and people watching for a while, I finished up my night at Commonwealth, an extremely cool bar with a 1920s vibe, delectable cocktails and a rooftop overlooking Fremont Street with great views of Downtown.

Vibrant nightlife at the Commonwealth in Las Vegas

Vibrant nightlife at the Commonwealth in Las Vegas
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Classic Las Vegas Entertainment

My last day in Las Vegas was fairly low key; although, I did get to enjoy a day party for a few hours by the pool (it’s a nightclub but during the day!) That night, I planned to get tickets to one of the shows, and there are so many amazing options to choose from – from Cirque du Soleil to world-famous pop stars. I was lucky enough to get to meet Matt Goss – whose show at Caesars Palace took you back to classic Las Vegas, reminiscent of the ‘Rat Pack’ days – before his 6.5-year run ended.

And there’s so much more I didn’t get a chance to do – I will definitely be back again and again because Las Vegas is a place that’s way too much fun for just one visit!