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Catch'em all on the seashore
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The USA is crawling with a new type of urban wildlife!

Famous animated critters (Pokémon!) are roaming U.S. cities and can only be caught through the augmented reality smartphone app Pokémon Go.

San Diego, California

If you’re a serious Pokémon trainer, here are some of the best destinations to fill your Pokédex. You might even come across the Tauros, a Pokémon exclusively found in the United States:

San Diego, California: Walk along Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach, where over 20 PokeStops are lined up among beach bars, cafes and boutique shops. Players in the area rave about the broad variety of Pokémon, from Sandshrews to Seadras. Real-life Pokémon Go meetups get together regularly around the city, gathering at Balboa Park and Mission Beach.

Balboa Park in San Diego

Balboa Park in San Diego
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Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington: Searching for Pokémon in Seattle is rarely a difficult task. Start your day at the Space Needle: While waiting to ride up 184 meters to the impressive observation tower, you can battle it out with other players to claim the structure’s PokeGym. Afterwards, you’ll walk past plenty of Pokestops on your way to nearby Pike Place Market where you can get an espresso and let your phone recharge at one of the many coffee shops. The views of Puget Sound (and the potential to capture a rare Hitmonchan) along the way are just bonuses!

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas: This Southern hub has plenty of Pokémon to track down between craft beer and classic barbecue. Spend some time hunting for Kaputos in the Museum District, making sure to stop into the Museum of Fine Art, one of the largest museums in the country. Spend the rest of the day in Memorial Park, often called the “Central Park of Houston,” and explore 593 hectares of nature (Bulbasaurs included!) surrounded by the city.

Uncover exciting and surprising experiences when visiting the country’s most Pokémon-populated destinations. 

Share your prized U.S. Pokémon catches with us using #VisitTheUSA. 

The USA has prime locations to catch Pokémon

The USA has prime locations to catch Pokémon
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